FT-100F粉末自动压实密度仪 (升级版)新品上市

日期:2021-12-09 19:17
摘要: FT-100F粉末自动压实密度仪 (升级版)新品上市 FT-100F粉末自动压实密度仪 (升级版) FT-100FPowder automatic compaction density instrument (updated version) 压实密度(compacted density) 一. 定义:Definition 压实密度的计算公式:压实密度=面密度/材料的厚度 在锂离子电池设计过程中,压实密度=面密度/(极片碾压后的厚度—集流体厚度) ,单位:g/cm3 Compaction density calculation formula: the compaction density...

FT-100F粉末自动压实密度仪 (升级版)新品上市

FT-100F粉末自动压实密度仪 (升级版)

FT-100FPowder automatic compaction density instrument (updated version)

压实密度(compacted density)


. 定义:Definition



在锂离子电池设计过程中,压实密度=面密度/(极片碾压后的厚度—集流体厚度) ,单位:g/cm3

Compaction density calculation formula: the compaction density =surface density/ thickness of material

In the process of lithium ion battery design, compaction density = surface density / (The thickness of the pole plate  after crushing - current collector  thickness), unit: g/cm3


压实密度分为:负极压实密度Anode density(或称为阳极压实密度)和正极压实密度Cathode density(或称为阴极压实密度)。

Compaction density is divided into: the cathode compaction density (or is called the Anode compaction density) and the Anode compaction density (or called the Cathode compaction density)


. 原理: Principle:



In the process of making lithium ion power battery, The compacting density has a large effect on battery performance.The test results show that the compaction density is closely related to specific capacity, efficiency, internal resistance and the performance of the battery cycle.


It is important to find the optimal compaction density for battery design.Generally speaking, the higher the density, the higher the capacity of the battery, so the compacted density is also seen as a reference indicator of the energy density of the material.


The compaction density is not only related to the size and density of the particle, but also related to the level of the particle, Normally, High compaction density has a good particle normal distribution.It can be said that under certain conditions ,The higher density of the battery, the higher capacity of the battery.


The proper positive electrode compaction density can increase the discharge capacity of the battery, reduce the internal resistance, reduce the loss of polarization, extend the cycle life of battery, Improve the utilization rate of lithium ion batteries. If the The compacted density is too large or too small , It is bad for the embedding of lithium ions.

.适用范围:Scope of application



In the process of the compression of external force, As the movement and deformation of powder, larger gap is filled, The contact area between particles increases, The interatomic appeal and mechanical wedge cooperation between particles will be enhanced, Thus forming a certain density and intensity of compact.


满足标准:GBT 24533-2009 锂离子电池石墨类负极材料,附录L:粉末压实密度的测试方法,

Meet standard: GBT 24533-2009 lithium ion battery graphite type anode materials, appendix L: Test method of powder compaction density,


It can also be used for the determination of powder and particle’s compaction density which have similar properties; The test methods of powder and particle are similar internationally.


.功能描述:Function description:



Adopts hydraulic constant pressureforcing pressure measurement system, 7 inch touch screen and PC software control, High precision load cell stress change control system can precisely collect  the stress change data, Date such as pressure, time Can be arbitrarily set, Displacement direct reading by displacement sensor, the temperature and humidity data obtained from the sensor, Multidigit AD chip to ensure data analysis, Automatic mode, Manual mode and Multistage set operating modes coexist; Configuring PC software to obtain the stress and powder density curve;The relationship between the time and the yield strength of the powder;Analysis of process data and curve spectrum , Set up data model  for production enterprises and scientific research institutes develop new products and improve the process. Provide both Chinese and English languages.


测试项目/test project

技术 参数/ Technical parameter


1.主压力/ Main pressure


1 tons; 5 tons; 10 tons; 15 tons; 20 tons(choose to buy)

传感器:1/ Sensor: class 1


2.位移测量/ displacement


High precision dial gauge


3.位移行程/ Displacement stroke

0-60mm(可根据客户要求定做)/( Can be customized according to customer requirements)


4. 控制系统/ Control system

液压恒压控制系统/ Hydraulic constant pressure control system



7寸触摸屏/7 inch touch screen


6. 模具/ mould


Inner diameter: 30mm,height25mmcustomizable


7.脱模方式/ Demoulding method

自动/ automatic


8.安全装置/ Safety device


Automatic diagnosis, overload protection and emergency stop control


9.温湿度范围/ Temperature humidity range


Room temperature -50 degrees, humidity20%-98%


10.时间设置/ time setting




Device management function


Password settings and data management storage


12.密度值/ Density value

99.99999g/cm3 不同样品特性不同密度有所差异/

Different samples characteristics have different density.


Less than 3%


High precision test balance(choose to buy)


Accurate to 0.00001g, range: 120g


14.位移速度/ Displacement speed




Environmental requirements


Environmental requirements for instrumentsworking temperature-10℃-40℃,humidity:≤65%RH



13.电源/ Power Supply

220V 50HZ或者380v/220V 50HZ or 380v



14. 整机不确定性误差/ Machine uncertainty error

整机不确定性误差3%/ Machine uncertainty error 3%


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